Title            Character Education: Raising Integrated Leaders apt for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Session 1   - What is needed to be an integrated youth for future
- Character Education, is a power of thinking and self-control

Session 2   - Future Character Education learned from past legacy
- Pros and Cons of Past Character Education and debate on the future direction of Character Education

Endowing international interchange activity through a cosmopolitan outlook, the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) is a global youth organization and international NGO that works towards leadership nurturing and practical problem solving methods for the problems of the global village, standing on a Christian background.
Date :   July 5, 2018 (Wed) 08:00 ~ 17:00
July 10, 2018(Mon) 14:00~17:20

Participants : 50 university presidents from 25 different countries

Congratulatory Message : President of University of Mumbai, Sanjay Vasant Deshmukh
Venue : Nurimaru APEC House (Haeundae, Busan) , Taekwondowon (Muju)