Together we can find solutions

First, I would like to express my sincere respect to the Presidents and Chancellors’ dedication in contributing to the guidance of students in universities to the proper way, and I wish your university everlasting developments for future achievements.

We hold ‘World Education Leaders Forum’ annually in July with university presidents discussing how to educate university students. This forum not only discuss problems that are being faced but also suggests measures to apply to each respective university.

The founder of IYF has been traveling all around the world meeting people who are suffering in their heart, people in despair due to poverty and disease; people living lives in darkness having no hope to heal their hearts by spreading the light of hope. Forum is held every year successively due to sharing of such experiences with presidents and chancellors passionately willing to learn those experiences.

It is necessary that each country improve the social environment such as poverty, unemployment and disease in order to solve youth problems. However, not only does it take a long period of time to improve the social structure, if the minds of youth are not changed, the efforts will be in vain We believe the social structure improvement must be done at the same time of the change of heart. We will continue to put our heads together with you to resolve this matter through the forum.

I will do my best to make you feel worthwhile at the forum and I look forward to meeting you.

Thank you.

IYF World Education Leaders Forum Chairman Park Moon Taek

For youths to be free from darkness and live bright lives

There is a man called Julio in the USA. He started doing drugs when he was a teenager, became addicted, and eventually continued for 20 years. The money he had for clothing and food, he wasted on drugs.

Not being able to purchase bread and clothes, he slept on park benches, and ate bread pieces in trash cans every day. Such a man like him fortunately met great people, received their devoted help, and was soon able to break free from drugs and live a new life.

Likewise, there are so many youth in the world that live miserably and lie within darkness due to small mistakes. However, there are people who are striving and working night and day to lead such youth to live a bright, sound life. They are university Presidents and IYF members from all around the world.

We are hosting a forum whereby university Presidents and the youth from each country will discuss and seek ways to lead the youth to live bright lives. You will also participate in the World Camp which is currently leading the youth, and provide lectures that give university students strong leadership and dreams.

I request for your positive contribution, and believe the world will become a brighter place; your appreciation for our work and cooperation will be of great strength to us.

IYF Founder Park Ock Soo