IYF was established as a worldwide youth organization and international NGO based on Christian mindset in 2001, to raise leaders with a global insight through youth education, activities, and provide realistic solutions to problems in the global village.

IYF mission

IYF vision

Main Project

Interchange Project
World Camp

World Camp in Korea

In 1995, starting with the Korean American Youth Retreat, the World Camp is has made its place as an international college student interchange pro\-gram that is held in about 50 countries with about 5,000 participants, and from 2010, it has been held in the 21st century’s marine city, Busan. In the beauty of Korea’s natural environment and developed culture, the participants over\-come the differences of language and culture through the diverse programs in the two weeks. With the IYF mindset of communicating and uniting with one another and by learn\-ing how to serve others, a true leader of the global genera\-tion is born.


World Camp in Different Countries

In the year 2005, the first World Camp out of Korea was held in Australia, and it has become an annual event. In 2012, the World Camp was held in 34 countries and with the help of the government and other sponsors, they all ended with success. With years of management know-hows accumulated through national and international camps unique to IYF, so many youth have earned changed lives by the verified youth guidance pro\-grams that are creating a great synergy effect while being grafted in with the unique characteristics of the host country.


Minister of Youth World Forum

The Ministers of Youth, who have a deep love and try harder than anyone else to solve youth problems, have gathered in Korea from 20 different countries to present about the ac\-tual situation and root of the problems of the youth in their country while they look for solutions to the problems and present them. Also, through a continuous cooperation with the IYF, they pledge to take action to provide a solution and a rational plan.




Good News Overseas Volunteer

The Good News Overseas Volunteer goes by the motto of, “I want to exchange my youth for their hearts” and every year 500 to 700 volunteers are dispatched each year. The university students stay with natives for one year, and learn the IYF mindset of challenge, change and exchange. They play the role of private diplomats making Korea known all over the world.

Education Projects :: Tomorrow’s ‘Little Lincoln’ made by Specialized Education
Foreign Youth Education and Guest Lectures

Pastor Ock Soo Park was invited to speak at a psychological education that the Chinese Government Office (Abbreviation of Communism Youth, a young adult organization that has an important position in the politics of China’s communism) has established, called the ‘Youth Problem Professional Lecture series’ in 2009. Through his lecture, Pastor Ock Soo Park lectured about and received praise for his opinions about the reasons and solutions for the Chinese youth problems.

High School Education

- Lincoln House School (alternative School)
- Kenya Mahanaim International High School
- Gracias Music Preparatory School

Middle School Education

- Lincoln House Global School
- Gracias Music Preparatory Middle School

English Speech Contest

- Gives high school and university students confidence in English
- Enables “Self-Expression”by expressing oneself through English
- Provides a chance for students to overcome their burden of English
- Builds Character so as to compete evenly with foreigners on a golbal stage

English Camp

This camp provides the opportunity for students who have only studied English conventionally, to transcend the speaking aspect of English, through a schedule that has been effectively designed by top rated professors in the English field domestically. Instead of “Dead English” that is used only for academic grades, one can learn “Alive English” that is essential for global citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

Culture Projects :: Experience through Overseas Volunteer & Sharing Precious Memories
Good News Festival

- World Culture Experience Expo.
- IYF Artist Concert
- Christmas Cantata
- IYF Theater – Musicals

Community Service :: Supporting NGO Activity Dispatched to 80 Countries All Over the World
Good News Medical Volunteers (GNMV)
The Good News Medical Volunteers is a volunteer group made of medical workers who work for the people of the world who are suffering from disease and calamity. In the summer of 2008, the volunteer program that seven korean medical workers had started, has expanded rapidly. In 2009, 105 volunteers went to Ghana, Togo, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda and treated about 10,000 people. In 2010, 256 vol\-unteers participated and were able to treat about 22,000 people and in 2011 239 volunteers went earned the result of treating about 35,000 natives. The main objective of the Good News Medical Volunteers is to go to remote areas of the world, not only to treat the diseases of the people, but to heal the scars of their hearts.